Confidence & Self Esteem

A one day workshop of personal development, exploring what confidence is and how feeling better about ourselves can impact and enhance our lives.

Mindful of the Here & Now

A one day, peaceful workshop, introducing the concept of mindfulness and learning simple exercises to combat stress and aid mental health and wellbeing.

Working with Our Senses

A stand alone workshop or series of 5 exploring the senses; how tuning in sharpens our sense of self and energises personal strength and belief.

Understanding & Managing Emotions

One day or series of 5 experiential workshops; encountering difficult thoughts and feelings whilst using creative interventions to comprehend and value the purpose and potential of our emotions.

Working with Nature

A stand alone or series of workshops; working with the essence of nature, discovering the powerful impact that the natural world can have on our mental health and well being.

Understanding Bereavement & Loss

A stand alone or series of workshops; exploring loss and understanding grief, recognising barriers to grief and finding helpful, healthy ways to cope with loss.

Relationships & Communication

A one day workshop exploring how good communication is key to happy, healthy relationships and how our interactions with others can be enhanced.

Working with Children

A one day or series of experiential workshops; through the eyes of a child. Creative activities for personal development and working empathically with children.

Learning to Play Again

A 2day workshop designed for parents and carers, with the aim to repair and reenergise family bonds.  Re-discovering and understanding the importance of play on day 1 with lots of enjoyable interaction and sharing. While day 2 invites the children in for a day of fun with the adults trying out their new skills within a safe and supportive environment.


A one day or series of experiential workshops exploring creativity, what it means to us personally and how we may express it.