How We Work …

Counselling PortsmouthRRCounselling offers humanistic therapy
…a listening, interactive and compassionate approach which believes you are the best person to find your own solutions. as nobody knows you better than you do, our role is to help you rediscover your own resources and strengths to make and manage healthy choices for the future.

We will not advise you or tell you what to do, but we will offer support and a space for you to fully explore your issues and feelings at a pace which is comfortable to you. We will never push you to explore anything which you do not wish to, and we will facilitate your growth and be alongside you as you discover your direction.

Trust between counsellor and client is fundamental to the therapeutic relationship. It is this mutual trust and respect which allows you to explore and deal with your difficulties, whether it is to find answers, make changes or come to an acceptance of how things are.

Some people find that words don’t come easy and struggle to explain their thoughts and feelings. This is where creative interventions may be useful and this can come in many guises such as art, writing, poetry or gardening  and much more may be useful. As we know each person is different so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. With this in mind you are able to decide how many sessions you would like and what you hope to achieve (this may change as counselling progresses).

Counselling doesn’t judge, it offers you respect and it values you as a person.

We offer long and short term confidential therapy for adults and children.

Group work can be available through prior arrangements.

Counselling location’s: Southsea, Portsmouth and Waterlooville. We are also happy to work in clients houses if appropriate.

Working in a client led setting we offer both talking and creative therapies, this enables different and individual clients to discover the most appropriate way of working/exploring to suit their needs.

The relationship between counsellor and client is of great importance and enables both therapist and client to contribute into the sessions – resulting hopefully in a trusting and therapeutic environment in which the client can grow and resolve their own problems, for this reason we offer the first session for £20 so that the client can get a feel for the counsellor and whether a working relationship can be formed.