Children and Young People

Children and young adults often find that talking therapy is not suited for their age group  and for this reason we offer counselling in the form of play and creative interventions.


Play therapy is a recognized way of working with young children. Promoting a warm and friendly relationship enables a safe space to develop where the child can express their feelings openly. Promoting emotional literacy within the sessions can help with understanding their feelings, counselling young children is a gradual process and is a non directive therapy.

An example of what we offer; Art,  Story telling, Sand tray, Puppets & Masks

Young Adults

It can sometimes be helpful to talk to someone who doesn’t know you and isn’t part of your family. Counselling offers a non judgemental setting in which you can freely discuss a wide range of problems or fears that you might be experiencing. We understand that sometimes we just don’t have the words or the courage to talk, therefore we  offer a wide range of creative therapies which can also help to explore the issues that might bring you to therapy.